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What is Foodbytes PH?

Foodbytes PH is an app WITH A HEART. Its genesis emanated from the desire to support small food business owners to grow and thrive in the midst of COVID 19.

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It enables sellers access a wider market, improve their products and grow their profits. With Foodbytes PH, ordering food and drinks is just a click away. Foodbytes PH also offers business development services including marketing advice, promotions and sales support and social media presence in various platforms.

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What do Foodbytes PH offer?

Foodbytes PH promotes small food business owners and brings them into the mainstream food industry. It offers automated ordering and tracking system that accommodate fast delivery and advance order.

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Foodbytes  makes a difference by prioritizing more on our local partners.
Their growth matters to us and our drive is to make them known and accessible, making it a truly Cebuano platform.

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Who’s Behind Foodbytes PH?

Foodbytes  is a duly registered Cebuano corporation operating in Metro Cebu. Its principals are development workers with investments in

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Bliss Application Solutions Holdings, Inc (BASHI) in the Philippines. BASHI’s investments are geared towards finding IT-enabled product solutions that address today’s life challenges and meet our triple bottom-line of social, economic and financial gains for our customers and investors.A few of BASHI’s investments are in Bliss Massage, BusPass and Foodbytes PH food app (Foodbytes’ version in the Philippines).

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Welcome to Foodbytes PH.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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