About Us

What is Foodbytes PH?
  • Foodbytes PH is an app WITH A HEART. It supports small food business owners to grow and thrive.
  • Unlike food delivery apps, it is designed specifically for part-time and full-time food sellers and their customers
  • Enables sellers to access a wider market, improve their products and grow their profits
  • Provides buyers convenience and access to critical information anytime: sellers, product variety, price comparison, location, deliver/pick up times, etc..
Why join Foodbytes PH?
  • Foodbytes PH connects small food business owners online to the mobile food marketplace
  • Automated ordering and tracking system (no more missed orders)
  • Real-time food order and delivery.
  • Foodbytes PH offers business development services
  • Advice on food packaging, presentation and taste, marketing, and product positioning
  • Promotions and sales support.
  • Social media presence thru the app, website, FB, Instagram, and food vlogging (mid-2021).
  • We are a registered Cebuano company owned and managed by Cebuano’s
What we can offer ?
  • Similar to popular brands we have ordering app, delivery service, and marketing.
  • However unlike popular brands (with 25 -35% service) we don’t ask for any service fee. You can consider us as reseller of your product, so we need a much lower price.
  • Our marketing platforms are not compulsory you can decide when and how much you want to Cooperate on our promotion and of course if you cooperate we will do much to market your store In ways of ( Food Blog and Social media posting, merchandise sticker/ standee)
What are Foodbytes PH' payment methods? Does it incorporate VAT?
  • Currently, payments are made directly by the buyer to the seller and not through the app. As such, KaonTa does not incorporate any sales taxes.

Sellers who are homebased are NOT required to charge VAT, However partners who have their restaurants or stall are required of VAT as mandated by law.

  • The buyer can pay the seller directly in cash or e-transfer whichever is most convenient for both parties.
Can the sellers advertise/post their products on other platforms?
  • Yes. Sellers can advertise and post their products in different platforms as they deem fit.
  • The partnership by KaonTa and our sellers is not exclusive. .
Do sellers need a business registration to enroll in the app? Do Sellers have to pay income tax?
  • Business registration is not a requirement for homebased partners to sign-up;
  • however, for our partner with stall or restaurants, they will be advised to secure a business number and start charging VAT.
Does Foodbytes PH offer delivery services?
  • For now, KaonTa does not have a delivery service platform, so the seller and the buyer will have to agree on the best mode of food order fulfillment at this time. Sellers can either deliver free-of-charge or at a minimal fee, which is a built-in feature in the app.
  • KaonTa is working on this functionality and will be in beta test by second quarter of the year (Latest is June of 2021)
Some food sellers are home-based and only engage in food selling on a part-time basis, can they sign-up with Foodbytes PH and how will it work?
  • Foodbytes PH supports home-based food business owners during Covid-19; they can sell through Foodbytes PH low-risk foods considered non-hazardous and do not require refrigeration, such as baked goods, pickles, preserves, chocolates, hard candies and brittles, fudge and toffees, granola, trail mix, nuts and seeds, and coffee beans and tea leaves. If they sell main dishes, they need to follow the Health Promotion and Protection Act regulations.
  • Sellers can open or close their stores based on their availability.
  • The app allows customers to place orders in advance. A chat feature allows them to communicate with sellers instantly
How to be a partner?
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